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40+ PPC Sessions for Every Digital Advertiser

  • WelcomeSun 22 October
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  • Day 2Tues 24 October
  • WorkshopsWed 25 October
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Welcome Reception
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Registration & Breakfast
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
9:00 AM - 9:15 AM
9:15 AM - 10:00 AM

The Customer Disconnect: How Inside-Out Copy Makes You Invisible

When you write copy, there are 3 critical elements: What you KNOW about your product, what you WRITE about your product, and what your customer THINKS you mean. Unfortunately, it’s too easy to have a disconnect between all three, and when that happens, customer’s don’t realize the true value of what you have to offer. In this talk, you’ll identify any disconnect in your own marketing, and learn how to write copy that breaks through the noise, differentiates your brand, and speaks to your customers’ desires.

Amy Harrison

Write With Influence

10:00 AM – 10:45 AM

Voice SearchAdvanced

Make the Most of Your Facebook Campaigns

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world and a place where people happily share every detail of their lives. For advertisers this means huge reach and the ability to target users in a variety of ways, with a host of different ad formats. But with so much to choose from, where do you begin? This session will take a detailed look at how to make the most of your Facebook campaigns, from brand awareness all the way through to driving direct response. Attendees will leave with:

  • Knowledge of the advantages of running paid Facebook campaigns and how they fit into the wider marketing mix
  • The ability to select the right targeting and ad formats to achieve your goals
  • Proven examples of winning strategies that they can execute for their own business

Laura Collins

Merkle | Periscopix

How to Innovate Paid Search for B2B

Martin Schuhte

Adobe Systems Europe


Karl Gilis


11:30 AM – 12:15 PM

PPC for MobileAdvanced

Silver Spenders: How to Advertise to Audiences Over 50

Paid search platforms are offering more and more granular demographic targeting but it isn’t as simple as upping your bids to acquire certain customers. “Silver spenders” – those over 50 with fewer responsibilities and money to burn – represent a more lucrative group than some of the more trendy audiences but behave very differently. This talk will cover the size of the opportunity and just how differently you have to advertise to get the older generation to spend with you. In this session you will learn:

  • How much more lucrative the over 50s demographic is compared to millennials who are all the rage
  • How the over 50s behave differently online – where to find them and how to target them
  • What messages/creative resonate more with this market than others so you can get an unfair advantage

Stephen Kenwright



A Whole New World: How to Plan for International Expansion

Anna Shirley

Merkle | Periscopix

12:15 PM – 1:15 PM
1:15 PM – 2:00 PM

Get Started with Excel for PPC in 40 Minutes

Do you fear Excel? Are your worst nightmares made of rows and columns? Are you overwhelmed by the vast amount of formulas?

Fear no more! In this session, you will see how Excel can help you in situations you can relate to. Everything will be demonstrated using cases from the real life of a PPC specialist. In the approximately 40-minute session, you should have progressed from being totally green or even scared of Excel to have an essential toolbox you can use to make Excel work you in your job as a PPC specialist. In this session, you will, among other things, learn:

  • The indispensable formulas for writing ads and building out campaigns in no time with Excel
  • Why using pivot tables will make you seem superhuman to your colleagues
  • How to make plain sheets come alive with colorful heat maps using conditional formatting

Frederik Hyldig


Evolved Text Ads: Tricks for Writing New Ads for the Next Age of Search

In this session, discover what we’ve learned after a full year of testing Google’s new expanded text ads across 14,000 accounts. You will:

  • Discover the language we’re seeing perform best on the SERP
  • Learn how small changes to your ads can increase CTR significantly
  • Develop new strategies to rewrite and optimize their new ads for different audiences, demographics, and devices

Mark Irvine


Display Advertising


2:15 PM – 3:00 PM

A Seismic Shift in Shopping: Mobile is the New DesktopAdvanced

When Google Shopping first started, smartphones weren’t so smart, and no one imagined that entire campaigns would one day be staked on mobile. But we’ve all watched mobile browsing steadily overtake desktop browsing, and speculated how buying behaviors would change. The time for “what-ifs” is over: PPC experts should build their mobile campaigns first and then use device modifiers for their desktop campaigns. In this session, you will learn:
  • Best-practice tips regarding how to intelligently evaluate differences between desktop and mobile
  • How to make the right decision based on campaign data instead of gut feelings
  • Why Shopping Ads ranking has such a hefty influence on PLA performance

Christian Scharmüller




Lead Generation

3:30 PM – 4:15 PM

Smart Bidding to a Data Driven ProfitAdvanced

Examine how AdWords is evolving and how machine learning and artificial intelligence is at the forefront of the latest releases from Google. Andrew will explain how we, as PPC managers, can and should embrace these changes where possible to be more productive with our time, better measure the impact of our strategies and also improve the overall PPC performance for our clients.  In this session, you will learn how to:
  • Use smart bidding strategies to enhance the ad managers role and provide a better return for your clients
  • Better understand AdWords data-driven attribution and how it effectively works hand in hand with smart bidding strategies
  • Utilise smart bidding technology and advanced Analytics e-commerce data to provide a better profit margin for your clients via examples of how we did this for one of our own

Andrew Morgan

Attacat Ltd

Machine Learning: What is it & How Will it Shape the Future of Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Learning (DL) are technologies that will impact the way in which marketers operate. It is important to understand the basics and differences between these technologies to stay competitive as an advertiser, brand, or agency. Through the productivity benefits offered by these technologies, there is a massive opportunity for marketers to focus more of their time on strategy and less of their time on data analysis & management. In this session, attendees will learn:

  • The fundamental basics of AI, ML, and DL– and how they differ
  • The impact of these technologies on three topics: 1) Conversation and Content Analysis; 2) Data Visualization; 3) Automation of Data Collection
  • Examples of how the predictive nature and computational efficiency of machine learning will empower marketers

Alex De Simone


PPC Reporting


4:30 PM – 5:15 PM
Networking Reception
5:15 PM - 6:45 PM
Bar Takeover
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
9:00 AM – 9:45 AM
10:00 AM – 10:45 AM

How to be a PPC Scripting HeroAdvanced

Dan Gilbert


Quality Score

Shopping Ads

Competitive Data Analysis

11:15 AM – 12:00 PM


Find & Compare the Best PPC and CRO Tools

Did you know the number of marketing technology solutions grew from 350 to over 5,000 in just 5 years?This means that selecting the software that best suits your needs has become an increasingly overwhelming and time-consuming task. And even if you’re just looking for PPC and CRO software, there’s still over 200 tools to choose from.


So to help you easily find and compare the best PPC and CRO tools, I’d like to introduce a new concept to categorize them: the StackScape™ – halfway between a tech stack and landscape. In this session you will learn:

  • What the best sources are for vendor research
  • Where to download my hand-picked overviews of the best PPC and CRO technology
  • Which kind of tools are most useful for which kind of advertisers (depending on spend levels, e-commerce vs lead-gen)
  • Which tools are must-haves for any advertiser, in my humble opinion

Wijnand Meijer



25 Tips for Expanding Your Geo Targeting in PPC

Looking to expand into new countries/territories with your PPC campaigns?

This session will go through 25 tips including specific campaign examples across AdWords and Facebook so attendees can utilise in their existing or potential international campaigns. You will learn:

  • How to research from home. Learn about a new region from the comfort of your office. Using surveys, polls and a wealth of Google research data.
  • Other Channels To Trial: Waze Ads, Facebook Ads and WeChat. Sometimes AdWords isn’t the best option when expanding our reach
  • Understand your local customer. Do they interact with PPC as in our home country? Does their time zone fit in with our website business hours?

Rod Richmond

Clean Digital

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
1:00 PM – 1:45 PM

Social AdsAdvanced

PPC & Multichannel Marketing

Ann Stanley

Anicca Digital



2:00 PM – 2:45 PM

Running a Department or CompanyAdvanced

From Account Manager to People Manager

How to Manage Up

Managing Managers

3:15 PM - 4:00 PM
Keynote and Closing
4:15 PM - 5:15 PM
Closing Reception
5:15 PM - 6:30 PM
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