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What To Expect »Why Go? »

Hero Conf Los Angeles marks our sixth annual US event, where PPC fanatics, new and old, gather to share a passion, collaborate on solutions, and simply have fun while learning about the latest trends in paid search. Hero Conf is hosted by the experts behind PPC Hero and is an event tailor-made for digital advertising professionals ready to discuss tactics and actionable ideas to implement within their accounts.


We’re an event that understands the demand for training in an ever-evolving industry, from first year PPCers to 10 year veterans, and knows the importance of connections that matter in a world where networking means more than a handshake.


World-Class Keynotes
World-Class Keynotes


We take pride in offering content that is 100% relevant, 100% original and 100% PPC. You’ll gain access to the pioneers of paid search and hear from PPC frontrunners. Come for the knowledge but stay for the experience. Take it from Andrew Miller, Co-founder of Workshop Digital:


“Hero Conf is a tremendous value for our team. We grow as PPC experts. We network with other like-minded marketers. We learn from others’ victories (and mistakes). We look forward to each conference as an opportunity to validate that our PPC management approach, while unique, is on par with the best-in-class marketers from around the world. In other words, we geek out! I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

What To Expect »Why Go? »

Hero Conf is produced by Hanapin Marketing, the PPC agency of experts that specializes in enterprise-level partnerships for continuous market expansion and growth.
Hanapin is also the agency behind PPC Hero, the industry’s leading PPC blog.
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