PPC Conference Location | Hero Conf Los Angeles


Step out of your mundane office routine and become immersed in the trend-setting global metropolis that is Los Angeles. Whether you are looking for sporting events, world-class museums, amazing cuisine or to simply explore the great outdoors, LA has you covered. Boasting 75 miles of coastline, more theaters than any U.S. city and dozens of historic Hollywood locations, LA has rightfully earned the title as the entertainment capital of the world.


Not convinced? Los Angeles is home to unique cultural sites like the Underground Tunnels, which cover 11 miles of passageways leading to prohibition speakeasies, and over 1,600 urban murals that teach history and celebrate cultural diversity to each passerby. Indulge in a pint or two…or three or four…at Angel City Brewery and recover with a Soft Cleanse at Juice Served Here. LA is the perfect balance to any lifestyle.

While we do not condone skipping your post-lunch breakout to explore Mulholland Drive, this city certainly makes it tempting.