PPC Conference Speakers | Hero Conf Austin

Keynote Speakers

Brad Geddes


Frederick Vallaeys



Our lineup is hand selected from hundreds of pitches, approved by our external Steering Committee and thoroughly vetted to bring you the top content in the industry.

Maddie Cary

VP of Client Service

Michael Akkerman

Head of Marketing Partners

Matt Wright

UX Research Manager

AJ Wilcox

LinkedIn Ads Evangelist

Elizabeth Marsten

Director of e-Commerce Growth

Kirk Williams


Michelle Morgan

Director: Accounts, Efficiency, Community

Joe Martinez

Senior Manager, Paid Media & Community

Ashley Plack

SEM Strategist

Peep Laja


Carrie Albright

Associate Director of Services

Aaron Levy

Manager of Client Strategy

Joseph Kerschbaum

Vice President of Client Services

Julie Bacchini


Jamie Smith


JD Prater

Director of Growth Marketing

Leandra Parks

Senior PDM Analyst

Lewis Brannon

Sr. Paid Search Manager

Mary Hartman

Account Manager

Tyson Quick

Founder & CEO

Erika Schmidt

Senior PPC Associate

Sergio Cano

Senior Paid Search & CRO Manager

Dan Gilbert

Founder & CEO

Caitlin Halpert

Account Director

Michael Knight

Sr. Account Manager

Megan Kasubeck

Senior Account Director

Sam Ruchlewicz

Director of Digital Strategy Data Analytics

Laura Patterson


Jason Pellissier

Paid Media Manager

Matt Mason

Senior Client Manager

Lisa Raehsler

SEM Strategy Consultant

Gil Hong

Sr. PPC Account Manager

Jennifer Barry

Director of Social Advertising

Cory Henke

Business Development

Shonna Morse

Associate Director, Search Marketing

Johnathan Dane



Puja Ramani

Head of Marketing

Susan Wenograd

Partner, Paid Social & Paid Search Advertising

Five Mill, Inc