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22-24 October | etc.venues St Paul's

I had high expectations...

but Hero Conf blew every expectation away.

The event for quality, all-inclusive PPC education, Hero Conf brings you:

  • Content for every level of PPC marketer – thoroughly vetted with a focus on innovation and relevance
  • Expert speakers who’ve done the work –  engaging content from experts who do what you do daily
  • Actionable ideas & real-life examples – case studies with tips and tricks to immediately apply
  • Networking for every type of networker – casual & unscripted to organized engagements, with tons of opportunities to meet the tribe
  • Amazing, London-Centric food – no boring conference food or drinks allowed here


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We've Invited Back Our Top 2017 Speakers

Rod Richmond Founder/Account DirectorCompany
Laura Collins Head of Paid SocialCompany
Sayf Sharif Director of AnalyticsCompany
Tara West Senior Paid Search ManagerCompany
Sean Murphy Paid Media LeaderCompany
Martin Röttgerding Head of SEMCompany
Amanda Evans Chief Advertising OfficerCompany
Karl Gilis The "G"Company
Emma Burnham Head of BiddableCompany
Lauryan Feijen Manager Global Digital AdvertisingCompany

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The Hero Conf Difference

Of the 50+ search and social conferences you can choose from, we’re here to show why Hero Conf is a can’t-miss for a busy professional like you.

No Fluff.
No Filler.

No talking heads.
No commercials.

Not a massive trade show.

Not Hired help.

Not at a convention center.

Not hype without substance.

The Most Actionable PPC Content

Expect Brand New Sessions On:


  • Audiences
  • Video Advertising
  • The New AdWords Interface
  • Google Surveys
  • Amazon Search
  • Apps
  • AI & Machine Learning
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If PPC is what you do,

then Hero Conf is where your tribe is.

We're Back in London!

London is the city where heritage and technology collide; where venues steeped in history and grandeur stand tall among towering skyscrapers which captivate the skyline; and where world-famous museums and galleries rub shoulders with Michelin-starred restaurants.


Join us in the most connected city on the planet, with direct flights to 380 destinations, unparalleled cultural offering, including three of the world’s top five museums. No other city matches London for energy, diversity, creativity and constant reinvention.


etc.venues St Paul’s
200 Aldersgate
St. Pauls, London EC1A 4HD

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Bring Your Team, Amplify Your Learning

Learning Image

Hero Conf offers 4 simultaneous tracks of content, designed to provide relevant content for each and every attendee. Bring your team to:

  • Ensure thorough, actionable, and complete training, for your entire team
  • Cover even more ground, with teammates attending  separate sessions and expanding learning opportunities
  • Create new and worthwhile opportunities to bond with  colleagues, outside the traditional office setting


As one of the world’s most visited cities, London has something for everyone: from history and culture to fine food and exceedingly good times. London is a diverse and exciting city with some of the world’s best sights, attractions and activities; which is exactly why we have made London home to Hero Conf for its 4th consecutive year abroad.


Visitors rave about the iconic buildings and landmarks, hectares upon hectares of green space, and expansive variety of cuisine, as well as a list of other things that you just have to experience for yourself to truly understand what makes London one of the most multicultural cities on the planet.


We are bringing you to etc.venues St. Pauls, a fantastic location in the heart of the city near St. Paul’s Cathedral and The Barbican, directly opposite the Museum of London.


While we do not condone skipping your post-lunch breakout to sightsee, this city certainly makes it tempting.


“Once you are tired of London, you are tired of life.”

Group Registration

Why send a team to heroconf?


Here at Hero Conf, we always encourage team time, but last year’s attendees can speak for themselves. Over 50% of attendees came as at least a pair, if not a team. We had 28% of attendees bring a group of three or more, and over 13% joined the conference with four or more colleagues. Why stop there when you can bring your whole team, which is exactly what two companies did!


Want current numbers? So far, 50%+ of the 2016 Hero Conf registered attendees think it’s a good idea to attend with at least one other teammate! Need more reasons to bring your team to Hero Conf? Let us help.




» For Company Training & Professional Development


Continuous improvement is always the goal, right? Well there is no better place to learn than from the experts themselves. Use the conference time as a way to train rookies or expand your veterans’ knowledge. With a 5:1 attendee to speaker ratio, you and your team are guaranteed to get more questions answered. Encourage employees and colleagues to join you in gaining invaluable insights with actionable takeaways.



» To Cover More Ground


With over 40 breakout sessions offered, one person simply cannot absorb it all (as much as you may want to!). Bringing a team will allow you to divide and conquer Hero Conf London. Prearrange your sessions to ensure no one overlaps then come back to compare and share notes. It will be like you heard it all!



» Because Content is Rich & Conversation is Richer


Of course we pride ourselves in the depth of our content, but applying what you learn is the ultimate goal! After you reconvene from the divide and conquer (see To Cover More Ground), work with your team during a coffee break or the bar takeover to discuss onsite how to implement what you’re learning and engage in the PPC world around you, together!



»To Bond with your Team


Spend some time with your team doing something other than work while you enjoy yourselves at our 5 separate drink receptions & after hour activities! We come to Hero Conf to learn more about the industry we love, but the evenings are reserved for catching your breath. Let loose with your colleagues and get to know one another away from office.



Last year we were thrilled by your enthusiasm to bring your team to Hero Conf, so this year, we’d like to reward you for doing so! Receive 10% off each registration when you bring a team of 3 or more! Group pricing applies to the conference pass only.



Email us for your group rate discount code!