Q&A with London Keynoter Amy Harrison

Amy Harrison, Founder of Write with Influence, joins us for our opening keynote in London, 23 October, to discuss why you are doing copy all wrong. We got the chance to ask her some questions about her session and copy generally. Here’s what she had to say:


Question: Tell us about the presentation you’re working on for Hero Conf London.
Amy: It’s called The Customer Disconnect – How Inside-Out Copy Makes You Invisible. It’s about what happens when we focus on what action we want our prospects to take, and forget why they would want to take it. As a result, your copy might be more product-focused, while forgetting to articulate the pains, wants and needs of the customer. When an ideal prospect reads your copy they should have a clear idea of why they should want what you have, and not just what it is / does.
Q: What can attendees expect to take away and implement immediately and why is it important to their campaign success?
A: We’ll be looking at how to identify if you have a disconnect, and more importantly, a framework for building notes about your customer, so that when you do write copy, whether long or short-form, it is driven by the customer perspective, by the things you know are important to the person you want to reach.
Q: What’s the biggest mistake marketers make in regards to their ad copy?
A: It’s really that – forgetting the customer perspective when writing copy. You really have to take time to imagine yourself in their world – what are they searching for? How aware of the problem are they? What is the biggest pain point that is causing them to look for your solution. When you write from a product point-of-view rather than the customer’s you risk your copy being more vague and generic, and sounding like everyone else. When you can mirror the language of your customer, you start to write more vivid, evocative copy that connects with your target market.


Q: Do you have a blog post or a single piece you’ve written that best illustrates your point of view?
A: Does Your Copy Fail to Engage?


Join Amy, and 40 other PPC experts at Hero Conf London, 23-25 October.


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